I Love Miami

Growing up in Miami was such a gift.
I didn't realize it until I grew up and moved away.

The weather is beautiful.
 It's common to have the ocean breeze 
even on the hottest days.

The water is beautiful.
I'm amazed at the ocean color comparison 
between north and south Florida.

Mark's job has taken us back to Miami 
several times in the last months.

On one of the last trips,
we were blessed to bring
our grandkids and Danielle with us.

One morning,
Eli and I got up to watch the sun rise.

We loved eating outside each evening.
The best part was when a familiar tune began to play.
These kids have music in their blood.
They were quick to jump up and dance along.

Here they are all water-logged and taking a break.

Coconut milk?
Yes please!

Better yet,
how about a daiquiri?

Our ventures to Miami have come to an end for now.
I hope the memories will last forever.
I know I will treasure them.

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