Fun With Grandkids

Elijah has recently begun taking piano lessons.
He is so smart and a quick learner.

He says he is more of a dancer than a music maker.
Cracks me up.
If you saw his dancing, you would know what I mean.
He does have some moves.

He plays basketball with a program at the church and
while he is playing,
the girls are cheerleading on the sidelines.

This stage of the kids lives is so enjoyable.
I am so blessed to keep Abi this year.
She begins VPK next Fall.
(sniffle, sniffle)

Mark's job has been taking us to Miami every other week.
Abi and I have enjoyed playing by the pool this winter.
We've stayed in some nice hotels on Miami Beach.
I had forgotten how beautiful the ocean is in Miami.

On our last visit,
we stayed in a charming hotel
in which Billy Joel was also staying.
He was so nice.
Abi loved playing with him in the pool.
I've been singing Piano Man for a week.

I leave you with a video 
showing how fun hotel rooms can be.

Hope you are having a great week.
Bring on the Spring!

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