Christmas On The River

I love Christmas!
I love decorating and baking and shopping and giving.
This year was extra special 
because we are in our new home on the river.
The traditional tree that I've been loving all my life 
just wouldn't do.
It wouldn't look right in this house.

It took me a jiffy to know I was going with teal.
I'm very decisive,
ask anyone.

I put this tree up a few days after Thanksgiving.
I didn't want to take it down.

I grabbed my camera just before I took it down
so the presents are long gone.
In retrospect,
I wish I would have cleaned out the fireplace.
No worries,
I cropped out the soot and ashes.
That's how I love you.

I added fresh branches to the fireplace mantle.
It shedded needles everywhere but the smell was well worth it.

I found lots of wonderful ornaments at Belk.
I love Belk.

Found some more at At Home.
Have you been there?
It is my new favorite store.
Good thing it's 45 minutes down the road.

Found out recently we are getting an IKEA!

I got the sailboat soon after we moved in.
It blends in with any of my decorating.

Same with the mirror.
Found it at Kirklands.

I scattered ball ornaments everywhere.

I'm late to the game with this blog.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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