Three weeks, no computer. 
Might not be a legitimate crisis but it's close.
Mark took it back to Kansas.
I have this pitiful iPad which must have been born in the 1900's.
It's like texting.
I long to abbreviate every word. 
I'm thankful it does offer spell check.

Who knows if I will actually feel like I can touch the sacred word and "publish" my thoughts.

It's strange that I enjoy blogging. 
I must have some inner need to share my thoughts 
and my life with you.
It's cheaper than therapy.
I'm really a private person.
I would never consider therapy.
Hope that confession doesn't come back to bite me.
Pride comes before the fall.

It has rained all day,
which resembles my melancholy mood.
Maybe it's bringing cooler weather.
Think positive.

My chickens have enjoyed finding bugs on this rainy day.

My tomatoes perk up every time it rains.

My broccoli is coming right along.

I'm not sure what kind of trade is in my 
ancestral background since I really don't know.
Surely,  farming runs deep in my blood.
I come alive when I can get my hands in the dirt.
I love my chickens.
No really,
I love them.

I'm sure you have truly been moved 
by this riveting blog.

Hope you are having a great day!

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