I Want Ballgame

Happy Friday everyone!!
I don't want to be repetitive but man the weeks fly by.

Not much going on in my world,
which explains my lack of internet presence.

Mark, Josh and I drove to Omaha last week to attend 
The College World Series.

The Gators were playing so we had to represent.
Our seats were perfect.
Just behind Florida's dugout.

It was a great game.
Florida couldn't quite pull it off.
Maybe next year!

I've been packing.
Mark says it's too early to pack but once I know we are moving,
my brain jumps into gear.
I'm so done with Kansas.

Thanksgiving can't arrive quick enough.

I've really enjoyed my Bible journaling. 

I'm no artist.
I'm not a perfectionist.
It's just nice to have a creative outlet
 and focus on the truth's in God's word.

Mark has been in DC all week.
Did he go to a Braves/Nats game?
The man is a big kid.
The Braves catcher threw him a ball.
You'da thought it was money.
Did I say big kid?

When Daniel was young,
before he could walk,
he would crawl to the TV and say "I want ballgame."
Everyday, all day long.
That was before VHS and DVR.
That was before ESPN.

They grow up and nothing changes.
They just want ballgame.

I pray you are having a wonderful week.
Love to all.



Happy Birthday To Mark

Every single year,
it never fails,
Marks birthday falls on Flag Day.

Does anyone really know what Flag Day is?
According to wikipedia it commemorates 
the adoption of the Flag on June 14, 1777.
Now ya know!

In our neighborhood here in Kansas,
lots of homes bring out their flags 
and place them on white poles by the road.
It's really pretty to drive by a street and look down 
and see all the patriotism.

I enjoy that every year,
on Mark's big day,
people put flags out.

We had cake and presents.

His favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. 
He is an easy one.

Happy Birthday honey!
I   a d o r e   y o u !

Grandkids at the Beach

Wendy's World

Wendy's World

Exciting News!

We found out a few weeks ago that we are moving back 
to north Florida.

When we found out 3 years ago that Mark was getting transferred,
we hoped it would be for 3 years.
You never know what can happen.
He got a promotion and we moved to another city.

We heard through the grapevine that a possible opening 
in Miami would happen.
At least that would be closer to my family.
Actually, I was born and bred in Miami so I thought it would be ok.
That rumor never panned out.

When we got the official call 
we were ecstatic!

The dates aren't official yet 
but I have boxes and I'm packing.

It has been a gift to travel and live in 
different parts of this beautiful country.

It has been a gift to be a part of other churches and see
God alive and working throughout.

Experiencing new cultures, food and different life styles
has been a treat, but......
this girl is ready to go home.

Happy Moments

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
I hope you are having a great week.

I uploaded my phone pictures 
and thought I'd share a few with you.

Back and forth on the glider,
Kacey is my monkey.

Elijah picked out his bike for his birthday.

Abi didn't want to wear what mommy left out.
I must admit,
her choice was much more fun.

Another tooth gone.

Birthday fun with Mark's sweet mom.

Hannah came to town!
I met Hannah many years ago 
when she came as an exchange student.

She recently got her citizenship as an American.
Yay Hannah! I am so proud of you.

Here's Danielle and Kristen with Hannah and her mom.

That's it.
My phone is empty.

I really do hope you are having a great day!

(Found this on google images and thought it was cute.)

Horsin Around

While in Florida, I was able to attend one of the horse shows.
My favorite thing about going to the horse shows
is the time between all the races 
where family and friends spend time together.

Everyone brings their campers and it provides
a kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning,
TV and even a bed if you need a nap.

The horse racing community is like a big family
who secretly wants to beat you in the next race.

The picture below represents the time between races.

Danielle is holding her down for a photo op.
Dani is just exactly like her father.
I never could get a good picture of Daniel.
He hid when I pulled out the camera,
which wasn't often back in the day of film development.

Abigail has recently started riding without a guide.
She just wants to go fast.
She kicks and 
her old horse pretty much knows where to go.

Dani has really advanced this year in her riding.

Go Kacey!

Elijah & Kacey are about equal.
They are both doing great and very competitive.
Both have earned spots in this years State Competition.
I'm so impressed.

Taking a break in the cafeteria.

Then there's Danielle.
She also is going to State this year.
Talk about impressive!

Isn't it amazing that you can cause a huge beast to go where you want just because of a little bit in his mouth?

Reminds me of that verse in James...
we can make a large horse go wherever we want by means of a small bit in its mouth...

In the same way, the little tiny tongue is small and can make grand speeches
or cause great trouble.

I don't know why the Lord wants to remind me of these truths while I'm writing a simple little blog about a horse show.

He loves me.

Hope you are having a marvelous week!

Birthday & Baptism

How is it possible that
Elijah turned 7 last month.

About a year ago,
Elijah asked Jesus into his heart.
Elijah is a thinker.
He did not make this decision on a whim.
He did it in his own time.
I was driving along one day and he told me
that he had made this decision.

About a year later,
he decided it was time to be baptized.

Celebrating his birthday was wonderful.
Celebrating the work of Christ in his little life
thrills my soul.

It was the sweetest day.
I cried and celebrated the whole day.

Lots of family gathered to celebrate following the service.

 My hubby, son and sweet dad.

Kristen flew in from San Antonio. 
It was wonderful to see my girl!


Eli showing Uncle Jeffrey and Pops one of his presents.

My parents.

Precious moments with family.

Margie is trying out one of Eli's new toys.

 Dani and Abi practice "trick-riding" on anything they can find.
No barstool, sofa arm, counter top is too big of a challenge for these girls.

They do keep things exciting.

Here is the video of his baptism.

If you have been baptized, 
you may have been given a few rules to follow.
The pastor told Eli to bend his knees.
Eli started bending his knees before he entered the pool.
He later told me after a few minutes he realized
the pastor meant,
when he is being dunked.
His nerves and great sense of humor got him tickled
as he thought about himself walking with his knees bent.
I adore this boy.
I know God has big plans for his life. 

It was a perfect day.
My heart is full.

Fun Day

It was perfect to be "home" at the end of the school year.
Being able to attend all the celebratory 
end of the year shenanigans 
is right up my alley.
Abigail and I were thrilled 
to attend Kacey's Fun Day at school.

Kacey truly was the best potato sack racer ever.

The over-under relay did not disappoint with intense competition.

Face-to-Face balloon relay.

Try not to get wet with the Pass Over the Head Water Challenge.

This is Abi asking "What do you mean, I can't participate?!"

Kacey is such a great big sister.

She is one sweet girl.
She is athletic and loves competition.

Weekend in Daytona

It all began weeks ago,
it was Mother's Day weekend.

Mom picked me up from Jacksonville International Airport 
and we hightailed it to Daytona Beach.
There is no better place for us, 
love the sand, the wind, 
the sun and the beautiful blue water.

This was our view from our hotel room.

I think that's mom and Margaret 
cooling off out there. 

We stayed at the Hilton. 
The hotel was nice and accommodating, 
as is common with Hilton 
but they have a seafood buffet 
that is worth the trip.
You need to go.
I'm not a buffet girl at all...
this one takes the cake.
AYCE king crab legs, shrimp, and everything else.
I don't remember the everything else 
because it was all about the crab legs for me.
Ok, the desserts were out of this world too. 
Cheese cake, carrot cake, chocolate strawberries...
I could go on and on.
If you are ever within 100 miles, 
put it on your list.
Tell them you forgot your coupon 
and I think it was about $30.
I'm not sure because this girl paid 
for the whole shebang.
Thank you Margaret!

I wish I would have taken pictures 
but I was trying not to be too conspicuous. 

Here's the truth and my 1 regret.
We stopped by the restaurant,
in our bathing attire.
Yes, we were looking lovely.
I just wanted to get the lowdown on the restaurant
because it came highly recommended.
I wanted to see it for myself.
The hostess was so kind.
She said,
"it's almost rush hour,
you should stay and beat the crowd."
I think seeing those gorgeous crab legs fuzzed up my thinking.

We stayed.
At least we had our bathing suit covers and matching sandals 
and new beach bags with us.

It was the perfect weekend,
a little too short.
I am blessed with a wonderful mom.
We have so much fun.
We laugh till we cry.
We shop till we drop.
We love the same shows.
We share the same opinions.
I think we may be a clone.
What's not to love?!

Love you, Mom