And just like that...
it's Monday!

I hope you are having a lovely day.
Monday is "wash the bedding" day in my world. 
It's been my practice for over 30 years.

I love sleeping on fresh clean sheets. 
I started using this awhile ago and if for nothing else,
I like the way it makes my house smell while I'm doing laundry. 

I can tell the difference in my laundry.

On another note,
do you recall what you wanted to be when you grew up?
I'm talking about when you were a kid.

I wanted to be a nun.
Kinda hard when you are Baptist.
I truly wanted to be a Baptist nun.

Then I found boys and my dreams and goals changed. 

I don't see many nuns today.
Where are they?
I love the idea of devoting my life to God & serving others.

What prompted me to share this?
I saw this picture and quote from C.S. Lewis and it brought back the memories.

Thankful for the true friends in my world.
I love ya!

Football & Acorns

What's better than a Friday night 
at a local high school football game?

The combination of 1 sweet date and some beautiful weather
and violá...
the beginning of a perfect weekend.

Mark was called into work early Saturday
and Sunday....

Oh well.
I ended up raking acorns all day Saturday.
Let me know if you need any.
I would guess I have 200 pounds of acorns.

My precious grandkids have been competing 
on their horses this weekend.
Looks like the youngest are starting to know 
what it feels like to win.
Oh how I wish I were with them.
Very thankful for a DIL who keeps me in the loop.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
My neighborhood is hosting a block party today.
To go,
or not to go?
I'm so shy.
I don't want to go by myself.
I'm new here.
Insecurity is not pretty.
I'll probably go.
I'll take pics.


Precious girl that I love.

Fall At Mom's

Hey Everybody!
Are you enjoying this Fall cool-down?
It seems like everyone is in a better mood.

When I was in Florida
I did some Fall decorating in mom's house.
She has the best house to decorate.
She has a massive corner that 
used to have a wood burning stove.
My parents got rid of it and are left with a 
stone covered corner and mantle.

It's a challenge to decorate through the year but it provides 
a show stopping area for decorating during the holidays.

Would you believe I was on the plane home 
when I realized I neglected to take any pictures.

My favorite sister-in-law was gracious enough to snap a few 
with her cell & forward them to me.

The corner doesn't look big in this shot but it takes up a whole corner of the living room.

We hung some faux Fall flower baskets 
on the porch to add color. 
Her house sits way off the road &
these showed up from a distance. 

We did an arrangement in the cart that we 
recently found at a garage sale.

We added some happiness in her kitchen window box.

This happy guy has been around for a few years.
He is perfect next to the pot of mums.

I hope you are enjoying the Fall.
It will be over before you know it.

Mark is already asking me what our plans are for his staff Christmas party which is hosted by yours truly.
Oy vey.

One exciting bit of info that I haven't shared with y'all...
I had been wanting a purse.
Not just any purse but this one...

I don't mind a knock-off
& I was planning on hopping over to China Town 
on my next trip to New York.

Would you believe 
my sister-in-law found one while we were at a yard sale?
We are walking around shopping
& I spotted it on her arm.

MY purse!
Not a scratch on it.
She let me have it.
Now you know why she is my fave.

I got it for $4.
4 Bucks.

Does God love me,
or what?!!

I hope you are having a wonderful week.
I adore you all.

Walking Through The Neighborhood

 Where did that weekend go?

I hope you had a wonderful one.
All my teams lost.
(There, there now)

I went for a walk on Saturday.
I just kept walking and walking.
The homes in our area are gorgeous
so I thought I'd share some pictures
of my faves. 

My iPhone doesn't do any justice 
but you will get the basic idea.

Landscaping is where my heart is. 
I love a groomed yard.
I have reached the stage of life 
where I'd rather higher a landscaper.

Not sure if you can see the apples in the tree.
It was covered a few weeks ago.

When I first got married many, many moons ago,
I wanted a brick house.
Our first home was brick so...
been there, done that.

This one is pretty with a mixture of textures.

This one is my favorite.
You can't see the huge front porch trimmed in white.
How about those stained garage doors.
Did you count them?
Yes! 4 garage doors.
I should have taken a better picture
but when you are out walking,
you don't want people to think 
you are stalking the neighborhood.

What is your favorite style of home?
I can adapt wherever I live 
believe Kansas has the 
most gorgeous homes.

I just kept walking and walking and before I knew it,
I had walked 2 hours.
I did stop at a garage sale.
No mun, no fun.

I took this picture for Mom.
I was thinking this would be nice 
around her tree.

She recently picked up a cart 
just like that from a garage sale.

My walk ended up with my honey
tracking me down and giving me a ride.

Thank goodness!

Baby Blue Eyes

Like all grandma's,
I have a gazillion pictures stored on my computer.
As I am in Kansas and today is Dani's birthday (sniff, sniff),
I was scrolling through her photos.
I decided to share a few of my favorites.
Of course,
if you would like to see more...
all you have to do is ask:)

Is there anything cuter than babies on the beach?
Feeling that sand and water in their toes.
Running freely.

Dani has the sweetest personality.
She takes after her MiMi.

She will always be a princess. 

Messy hair.

Face painted at Disney World.
Can you find the unicorn on the right side of the picture?

Daniel took this picture at a horse show one day.
I love that she posed for him.

You are my sweet girl and I love you.

Here's a "through the years" collection 
that Danielle put together.

Happy Birthday my 5 year old.

My Baby Is Moving

Kristen was offered an amazing job opportunity.
Our daughter is moving to San Antonio.
Do we know anyone in San Antonio? No!
We now have a new place to explore.
We are excited for her and this new adventure.

The company flew her out for a final interview.
She spent some time touring the city 
and looking at the living options.
Here are a few pics she sent me.

She is hoping to find a place by the river.
The next few weeks are going to be super busy and fun and exciting and nerve racking.
How many hours does it take to drive a Penske truck from Florida to San Antonio?

Mark & Kristen hopped down to Universal Studios this past weekend.
I'm thankful that they can share their love for roller-coasters and Harry Potter with each other.

They paused to take a selfie and text it to me.
Thanks you two!

Do you realize that this is the 3rd year in row that a major move is happening in my famila?
I'm working on my español for Texas.
One more thing,
when I say "Texás"...
I'm hearing the beauty queen in Miss Congeniality.
Oh I love that movie.
I'm going to watch it.

Hope you are having a great day. 
Go and love someone!
A friend of mine was killed in a car crash yesterday.
It reminds me of how precious each day is.
Love to all.


And now abide faith, hope, love, 
these three;
but the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

Dani Is Having A Birthday

Dani Mae is turning 5!
She requested a butterfly/pool party.

Can you guess what her birthday present wish is?
I'll let you think about it.

Sweet girls.
Kacey, Dani & Bella
are enjoying being princesses.

Here's the gang.
I'm going to take this picture in 10 years because 
I know they will be life-long friends. 

This princess was happily floating around the pool.
It was close to 100 degrees in Florida. Whew!

Silly string is always a good idea.
Have you come up with any guesses yet?
You know,
if at all possible
you want to give them what they ask for.

Her one wish...
the only thing she wants...

You got it!
A unicorn!

She couldn't have been more pleased.

When Life Doesn't Make Sense

I am loving my new church.
Pastor introduced a man from Iraq this morning.
I would love you to hear his testimony.

Most of us remember exactly where we were 
when the Twin Towers fell to the ground.
It didn't seem real until a few months later 
as I walked through the remains of steel and debris.
The handwritten notes and scribbles on the fencing 
that provided a barrier 
as the workers sifted through the damage.
I remember seeing "RIP Uncle Pete."

Seeing stories in the news of survivors 
who were burnt from head to toe
and broken hearted families who had lost 
their loved ones.

It was horrific and just didn't make sense.

Fast forward to this morning...
this young man 
who has religiously read through the Koran.
He followed all the rules.
He prayed 5 times a day for years as he was growing up.
He felt empty.

You guessed it.
He spoke in church about how he gave his life to Christ a little over a year ago.

I laughed as he described a Christian man in the US military 
who was a good and happy and moral and honest and kind.

It annoyed these Muslims that a Christian, 
who they had been taught to hate,
was such a good person.
At the same time,
he could see this man was happy and he was intrigued. 

He knew becoming a follower of Christ could get him killed.

I don't know if the video podcast will be posted because of the risk for his family who still live there.
I would love you to see it because he tells the story better than I.

As I was driving home,
I considered that horrific day back in 2001.
Those Muslims who attacked America 
because they hate Christians,
opened the door for Christianity 
to spread through their country.
That is so great!

Another example of trusting God when life doesn't make sense.
He knows what He is doing.

Glorious Weekend

What is it about a long weekend that is so wonderful?

I don't work outside the home.
My life is a weekend.

There's just something about a long holiday weekend that changes everything.

It just may have something to do with the first weekend of college football!

Yes, it definitely does!

I can't even describe the intesitivity in our house all week long as we waited for the very first game.
Then a rain delay....
that lasted 3 hours....
until they finally called the game.
What a let down!

It all worked out because Mark had scheduled their 
Fantasy NFL Draft at the same time.
That's a whole other monumental time in my mens lives.
Who will end up with the best team?
My money is always on Josh.
He is a sports genius.

I'm a total failure as a blogger this weekend.
I had no gumption to take pictures.
My heart just wasn't in it.
Try and picture a bunch of junk food, a huge TV, and some happy men. That was my house this weekend.

I have to share with you a barbecue chicken 
recipe that you need to try.

My guys like thighs and legs but you can use what you want.
(I'm nice like that.)

The sauce is important. 
Go to the trouble and you will thank me later.

To a sauce pan add:
2 C bottled bbq sauce
1/2 C peach preserves
T chopped garlic

Heat till heated through and preserves are dissolved.

Season chicken with salt & pepper.
Bake chicken for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees.

Now for the magic.
Brush the sauce on both sides.
Return to oven for another 10 minutes.
Brush the sauce (on the top only) again.
Return to oven for 10 minutes.
Do you see where this is going?
That deliciousness is making a glorious, sticky,
finger-lickin goodness.
One more time...
brush the sauce on.
If you raise the temperature on your oven,
you may enjoy getting a little burn on the edges.
It's up to you.
Make sure it's cooked through.
If you choose white meat,
it won't take as long.

This is my favorite bbq sauce.

One more happy thing for my weekend.
We got new neighbors.
We are no longer the newbies on the block.
I baked them some TollHouse cookies today.

You know what that means, don't cha?!
We have a dozen left over.

 Would you believe I got up to go take a picture
 of my beautiful Pottery Barn plate 
with cookies on it to share with you 
and my camera battery is dead?
True story.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you,
I woke up this morning to 65 degrees outside.
I grabbed my Bible, blanket and coffee 
and it was wonderful. Come on Fall.
Hope you are having a wonderful day!